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CineMAiubit 20 7-11 december 2016

CineMAiubit 20 7 11 december 2016

CineMAiubit International Student Film Festival 20th Edition Awards


Best Film Award (offered by CNC)

Everything is Full of Her, director: Maria Tilli (CSC Italy)


Jury Special Award (offered by HBO and CNC)

The Ballad of Simon and Teresa,  director: Martin Hnat (VSMU Bratislava)


“Cristian Nemescu” Award for Best Director (offered by CNC)

The Sleeping Saint (CSC Italy), director: Laura Samani


Best Producer of a Romanian Film Award (offered by CNC and Strada Film)

Mihnea Aliciu for the production of the film Man on the Moon (UNATC)


“Cătălin Cocriș” Award for Best Script (offered by CNC)

The Elusive (IAD Belgium) scriptwriter: Ely Chevillot


UNATC Rector Award (offered by UNATC and Digital Cube)

Sebastian Condurache (UNATC) for the film Fields of Hope, produced during the “Looking China” program


Romanian Filmmakers Union (UCIN) President Award

Ana-Maria Comănescu for the film Pipe, Sex and Omelette (UNATC)


Special Mentions (offered by the Cinemaiubit Foundation)

The Match, director: Mihai Pîrcălabu (UNATC)

Bernard or the limits of construction, director: Cristian Drăgan (UNATC)


Critics Award (offered by The Romanian Filmmakers Union)

Mihnea Aliciu for the movie Man on the Moon (UNATC)


 “Cinelab” Award for Best Cinematography of a Romanian Film (offered by Cinelab Romania, Kodak, RSC and CNC)

Zoran Simulov for the cinematography of the film New Dakia (Reset) (UNATC)


Best Actress Award (offered by BDR Associates and CNC)

Lula Bery for her part in the film The Elusive (IAD, Belgium)



Best Actor Award (offered by BDR Associates and CNC)

Michal Wlodarczyk for his part in the film Adaptation (Polish National Film School)


 “Romanian Society of Cinematographers” Award for Cinematography

Adaptation, director of photography: Michal Dymek (Polish National Film School)


Best Editing Award (oferit de CNC)

When Demons Die editor: Linda Bosch (Filmakademie Baden Wurttemberg)


“Andrei (Otto) Toncu” Award for Best Sound Design (offered by CNC and Elena and Horia Toncu)

Silente, sound design: Eloy Rodriguez (ECAM Spania)


“Viorica Bucur” Award for Film Critic (offered by the Make a Point Association)

Andra Petrescu (UNATC) for the constant interest for an important topic of the Romanian Cinema: the research and the recovery of the Sahia Film Studio archive.


“Paul Călinescu” Award for Best Documentary (offered by CNC)

Transit Zone, director: Frederik Subei (Edinburg College of Art and Screen Academy)


“Ion Bostan” Award for Best Directing a Documentary Film (offered by CNC)

Emi Buchwald for the film Education (Polish National Film School)


Special mention for documentary film (offered by CNC)

Bryan Ilie (UNATC) director: Sebastian Condurache


“Victor Iliu” Award (offered by the director Nicolae Cabel)

Flor de mil colores (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Ghent), director: Karen Vazquez


Best Animation Award (offered by CNC)

Child (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg), directors: Linus Stetter, Iring Freytag și Viktor Stickel


“Ion Truică” Award for Romanian Animation (offered by CNC and MDV)

Autoportret (UNATC), director: Andrada Iacobeț


Best Experimental Film Award (offered by CNC)

Something About the Silence (Kunsthochschule fur Medien, Koln), director: Patrick Buhr


The “Nina Behar” Award (offered by Vladimir Eli)

Flash director: Marius Georgescu (UBB Cluj)


The award of the script contest (offered by CNC)

The Drama and the Man, by: Ioana Sărăcilă (UNATC)


CineMAiubit 21 Poster Award (offered by CNC)

Daniel Atudorei (UNATC)


Photo Award (offered by CNC)

Dorel Gnatiuc 

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